Ignus’19 – IIT Jodhpur

A group of 5 students of II year went to participate in Ignus’19, one of the largest tech-fest of India. The most appreciated bot in the event was the ‘Light Following Bot’ made by Akash Chakraborty and Neelakshi Talukdar. They held fourth position among 26 teams. The circuit precision was highly appreciated by the Judges which was made purely using analog circuits and no micro-controllers. However, the team couldn’t win due to a small margin of 14 seconds.  The other team members participated in ‘Line Follower’, ‘Robo-Soccer’ and some software-based events like ‘Web-Craft’ and ‘Code-Alpha’. Even though the team failed to win any event, they gained a lot of experience as well as knowledge and now aim to ace in all the upcoming event