Salvatore- The Golden Retriever

I hate the morning

And the peanut butter.

Awful lapses of whining,

And the mental clutter

I do get fearful,

I do get frail.

But very subtle

The intensity of this trail.

I change trains,

I sweat the scorch of the sun;

your lavish life,

Needs my money to run

You spoilt brat,

You dread the neighbour’s cat?

Stop running for life,

As she hunts the rat.

My fluffy baby,

My evening muse;

I harbour your love,

As a Braveheart to bruise.

No longer I run,

I’ve been fighting for you.

But chewing my pants

No, not a good thing to do.

You hate your bath,

Your leash you dread.

You always keep an eye,

On the visitor’s bread.

You take rest

You waste your time,

These all days,

While I’m hustling slow.

Its always worth

the sluggish while

(You know),


Your golden glow.

I fell for your  size

When you could barely see

Those lil’ hazel eyes

Were quite a sight of glee.

A joy for life,

I couldn’t foresee


Salvatore & me

And cognac of Hennesey.

Shruti Sharma

B.Tech (2017-21)