The 15 days Resonance program has always been a tradition of NIIT University. The three-week program divides the students into different clusters for various adventures and activities including trekking, valley crossing and sports. Interactive guest lectures and invited talks are arranged for freshers for a head start of their college life. They experience the earth air tunnel and water treatment plant on NU’s campus as a part of their resonance program.

Every year the batch comes with the new and unique talents of students and therefore the event ‘Show your talent’ is organized which gives a great opportunity to the freshers to show their uniqueness by bringing up their talent on the stage which not only helps in boosting up their confidence but even fades up their stage fear.


Resonance came to a culmination with Grand Finale where Best Cluster, Mr. & Miss. Fresher and performances by other students are held. The Finale was held on the 3rd of August, 2019. The competition consisted of three rounds with a rule of elimination after every round. The first round was of ramp walk followed by a talent show and question-answer round. The 2019 Mr. fresher and Miss. fresher was awarded to Gabrial Falcon and Tulika Arun. Freshers also presented a play remembering their school lives. The fun-filled event was enjoyed by everyone.