Lecture by Dr. K Kasturirangan

On 23rd November 2019, Dr. Kasturirangan, eminent space Scientist, Padmavibhushan, former Chairman of ISRO, was invited and officially announced as the incoming Chairperson of NIIT University. “His exemplary background and diverse experience will enable us to inject a fresh perspective and further strengthen the core values of NU,” said Rajendra S Pawar while welcoming him.

On 24th November 2019, he gave a talk on “My Musings on Chandrayaan 2”. However, his talk was not only limited to Chandrayaan 2. He started with Mangalyaan and gave the NUtons a brief idea about the roadmap on how the planning, calculations and executions are done before achieving something that huge.

“The mission is not to send a man to space, but our mission is just to keep the space relevant”, he said. He also gave us an idea of why do we only choose the moon as our destination, why not anywhere else? The answer is simply because it’s earth’s first neighbor. “It is always easier to visit a neighbor living next door than going a few lanes away,” he said. Besides, the moon preserves early history, a giant impact on the existence of earth and resources for future space exploration. The last, but not the least reason stated was “the pleasure of the human mind to learn and explore”.