Educatomic’s Second Webinar – ‘The Future is Now: Realities from across the World’

The Future is Now: Realities from across the World’ is the second webinar held by Educatomic on 3rd December 2020. Dr. Sugata Mitra along with various eminent personalities who are Mr. Yaacov Hecht, Mr. Javier Bronchalo, and Prof. Mabel Quiroga were invited to this event. Mr. Yaacov Hecht, an esteemed Israeli educator and worldwide pioneer of democratic education, discussed the meaning of democracy and education in which he explained the model of innovation and it’s evolution. He stated how education is now summed up in a box making a pyramid with weak students at the bottom and the excels on top. On the other hand, Mr. Javier Bronchalo, Chief Global E-strategist, and social innovator talked about the importance of hands-on learning processes and projects in schools. He talked about the importance of the internet in today’s world along with collaboration between groups and squads. The risks and consequences of Covid-19 on schools and students were addressed by Prof. Mabel Quiroga. She’s a language teacher, trainer, and education innovator.