The Art is Life Festival

The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) recently launched a digital event that lasted for a week between 5-11th December 2020. Organised by Mr. Som Mittal for NU students, this event took place for the first time on a complete digital platform. For the 7-day festival, each day an interactive session was held at 7-8 pm (IST). Starting with a wonderful opening night consisting of various beautiful and awe-inspiring performances from multiple well-versed artists and cultural figures such as lyricist Javed Akhtar, filmmaker Nandita Das, and many others graced the audience with their presences. Each day of the event had its own theme covering a wide range such as pop-culture, modern contemporary, pre-modern, folk, and tribal. There was also a day for textile, crafts, and design portraying the influence of cultures on the art of crafts. The week ended with a day of photography, portraying marvelous picturesque works of amazing contributors. Talented artists and performers graced the stage each day as audiences were left mesmerized. The event particularly highlighted the various visual arts and the beauty of the ever-living arts.