NUtons Speak About CIC

Hi, I am Vista Vincent, a 4th year student pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at NU. Like most people, due to pandemic, my journey towards finding the right opportunity for my Industry Practice (Internship ip) was a precarious one. I remember me and my batch mates being constantly clouded by uncertainity, especially at the beginning of the placement season. Add to this the exhaustion and the mental strain of the lockdown, we were all fighting an uphill battle. Fortunately, the CIC (placement cell) was very active, even during these uncertain times, I was provided with ample opportunities and support from the placement cell throughout the season. Due to this, I am currently working as a spring intern at Morgan Stanley, and I couldn’t have had a better beginning to my career than the one that I have right now.

My gratitude goes to NU and the CIC for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime, especially at a time when everything seemed wavering.


As we neared our 7th Semester a lot of students including me started getting increasingly nervous about Industry Practice as it was the very first time a lot of us would be interacting with various organizations and going through the interview process that is a crucial part of our careers. As the pandemic hit, concerns grew larger as interview processes became online and it became necessary to be able to adapt to this mode of interviews. Thankfully, courses such as Professional Life Skills were paramount in providing guidance and preparing us for the process.

As the IP Process began, I came to realize that my resume was lacking in terms of presentation and that during this pandemic period, it is extremely essential and a make or break element of selections. The help that CIC was able to provide regarding all of my concerns proved to be the key to my selection. I found myself consulting CIC and receiving extremely valuable advice regarding not only the structuring of my resume but regarding career paths, coordinating with organizations and most importantly the opportunities that were provided by CIC and how to make the best of them.