siNUsoid: Theme Reveal


The theme of siNUsoid V5, fifth edition of the NIIT University technological festival, was revealed on September 13, 2021. The theme of this year is ‘Iter Ignotus’. Iter stands for ‘the way’ while Ignotus stands for ‘the unknown’, therefore, the theme of this year alludes to, the ‘Journey to the unknown’.

The idea behind this, according to team siNUsoid, is to travel to a world that we never imagined, and the sole weapon we have to survive is technology. Technology turned feral can only be fixed by technology. Team siNUsoid launched a wonderful video with great animation to mark the theme reveal. The video showcased an astronaut travelling in interstellar space and his journey into the unknown, countering all kinds of technical hurdles. The theme reveal video is available to watch on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.