Head Coordinators: Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

As per a new process, five new Head Coordinators were selected and announced on April 4, 2022. The Head Coordinators were selected for a group of activities, from among members of the Student Affairs Committee. They will be responsible for coordinating various activities within the group of activities. The very first group of Head Coordinators, selected through an election process, held on 26 March 2022 are:

  1. Cultural Captain: Chirag Chawla.
  2. Health and Exercise Captain: Himanshu Wadhwa.
  3. Performing Arts Captain: Ayush Pandey.
  4. Technology Captain: Prince Jain.
  5. Sports Captain: Lakshay Joshi.  

A big congratulations were given to our coordinators for their success and journey ahead. The new process of choosing by-election has also been quite effective and fair for everyone.