Nanhi Chhaan

NIIT University welcomed students from across India, who won the National Essay competition

organized by Nanhi Chhaan on 12 th December,2022 at NU Campus around 1 pm. The top nineteen winners, who came with a few teachers and parents, were given a warm welcome by the faculty and NUtons. The event was coordinated by the Area Director of HSS, Dr. Anshima Prakash Srivastava and Assistant Professor, Dr. Ratika Kaushik. The Nanhi Chhaan students and their parents were accompanied by the student volunteer team at every turn. The first and foremost session titled ice breaking was taken by Dr. Deepak Khanna, senior faculty of management where the NC students took part in various fun activities. Many interactive sessions took place in the field of management, geographic information system and communication skills in which the NC students took part eagerly. The students were also taken on a Suryoday trek to the Aravali range adjacent to the University Campus. The following day, students were also taken on an ECO campus tour by Major General (Retired) A.K. Singh. Thereafter, the NU leadership, Dr. Rajesh Khanna, NIIT President, Dr. Parimal Mandke, Vice-President NIIT University, Mr. Shivendra Mathur, Registrar, NIIT University shared their words of encouragement for the future endeavors of students. The students were accompanied on a heritage walk to Baoli in Neemrana where the students got a chance to appreciate the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

On the penultimate day of their stay, a 3-hour long session was organized for the Nanhi Chhaan students to engage on various social, cultural and educational issues. The students had a great insight on the ongoing social issues and engaged in various debates amongst their peers that was moderated and sustained by NIIT Founder, Mr. Rajendra Singh Pawar and Nanhi Chhan founder, Mr. Harpal Singh. Immediately after this thought-provoking discussion, students were asked to present a presentation in groups on the topic of their choice. Their presentations were remarkably interactive and informative. Every evening, sports games were held under the supervision of Mr. Rizwan sir and Ms. Sapna. We also organized a Yoga session for two consecutive mornings, which many students and parents attended and felt absolutely rejuvenated. The NU authorities organized a talent show, and the NC students wowed us with their mesmerizing paintings, dance performances, and martial arts, which were well received by our audience. On their last evening a bonfire with light music was held for our Nanhi Chaan guests. The closing address was given by NIIT President, Dr Rajesh Khanna followed by the distribution of certificates. Towards the end of their stay the NU family said goodbye to our beloved guests with a heavy heart and thanked them for such wonderful memories which will be cherished by each one of us.