Jamboree 2.0

The quiz event, Jamboree 2.0, began with an engaging introduction led by enthusiastic members of NU Jigyasu, the university’s quiz club. The event began with preliminary rounds designed to put the participants’ diverse knowledge and interests to the test. These preliminary exams were divided into four sections: cartoons, K-pop and K-drama, Harry Potter, and anime. Each round selected three participants, resulting in a total of 12 finalists.

The finalists included Aastha Kumar (second year), Lavanya Pramod (second year), and Himanshi Sharma (third year) from the K-pop and K-drama rounds; Rajat Nair (third year), Mikhail Martins (third year), and Aditi Kapila (third year) from the cartoon round; Ishika Sahu (second year), Rishima Singh (first year), and Prachi Bharti (third year) from the Harry Potter round; and Arjav Jhamb (second year), Aditya Chawla (second year), and Aditya Vk (second year) from the anime round.

The finals were fiercely contested, with a buzzer round that forced an all-out battle. The NU Jigyasu club’s coordinators, Agnishwar Raychaudhuri and Somya Ranjan Swain, hosted four rounds. They actively engaged with the audience and rewarded them with chocolates for their participation. The finalists demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and quick reflexes. When the final scores were tallied, Ishika Sahu, a second-year BTech student, emerged as the winner with an impressive 82.5 points. Prachi Bharti from the third year secured the second position with 75 points, and Aditi Kapila, also from the third year, claimed the third place with 60 points.

With the support of NU Instils and Social Media Club, the event was a huge success, full of exciting moments and unforgettable experiences that left everyone excitedly awaiting the next one.