Session by Czar Securities

Introduction to Entrepreneurship with Czar Securities had a series of sessions held by Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship in LT121 on 2nd March 2019. The session was held by the director of Czar Securities, Mr. Shikhil Sharma. The motive was to encourage the implementation of the idea of entrepreneurship in the right direction. Mr. Sharma had an interactive session with the students which also included his real-life experiences. The basic idea of entrepreneurship is known to everybody but what is unknown is what one should care, what should be ignored and how one can gather resources to pursue his/her dreams. He shared four examples in the form of stories to explain the same. The main objectives of the examples were, not paying attention to others when you’re confident, execution>>idea (execution should be better than the idea), tackling price sensitivity properly. In the end he told that there is no such secret to become a successful entrepreneur. There’s no place, degree, or university that can teach how to become a successful entrepreneur. He explained his story under the heading, leap of faith: about how they had no connections when the commenced but a passion for the field of cyber security. The next session focused on how different type of entrepreneurs run successful businesses while undertaking sustainable practices along with team formation and planning its composition tasks. The ability to identify and collaboratively solve problems was discussed in detail.