Startup Bootcamp-CIIE

A bootcamp was organized by CIIE for the young wannabe entrepreneurs. The bootcamp which was conducted from 16-17th February 2019 can also be considered as a Kick-start workshop in order to let innovative youngsters find their way into the universe of the enterprise business. The workshop was free to all. The team comprised of Shikhil, Ananda & Ujwal who welcomed experts, tutors and originators, who are working and coaching numerous new businesses. The workshop gave a real understanding of what is happening in the present start-up ecosystem in India and around the globe. Main highlights of the programme were:

Portrayal: The workshop involved activities such as ideation and group building practices for undergraduates to create thoughts, make B-arrangements and find out about subsidizing and distinguishing their qualities in the territory of business enterprise.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Light was thrown upon the challenges in business, mentality, skill-set, key prerequisites for a start up.

Group Formation: Discussion on the importance of establishing a group and their piece was done including the job of each originator and their range of abilities.

Issue Identification and Idea Generation: How to produce thought? Approving your thought and distinguish issues. Create your very own thought and test its attainability. These were some of the things which came up during the workshop.

Make your very own Business Model: The attendants were made aware about the business model. The business models of various new companies (contextual investigations) were discussed. Importance of Making a B-Model for your thought, Idea approval, and mainstream income display was explained.

Account Fundamentals: Basic monetary terms and valuing systems were explained. Blade explanations such as – Profit and Loss VC’s, Angel Investment, Incubation, Case investigation of the start-up came up during the workshop.

Last Pitching: The importance of last pitching i.e. pitch before the coach and get audits on the most proficient method to improve the thought/B-Plan was explained.