Artificial Spiritual Intelligence

Have you ever imagined what will happen when an artificially intelligent machine is programmed to develop spiritual sense? Can we develop such a sense into a machine and more importantly, is it worthy enough for a machine to develop spirituality? Will this spiritual nature of an AI bring prosperity to already endangered humanity? These questions crossed my mind while going through readings on AI and related matters.

Humans created AI machines to help themselves by leveraging their work to these machines. AI development is significant in a sense that it has helped humans to believe that these machines are quite helpful when it comes to task accomplishments within shortest span of time. These machines are built on various algorithms which provide them the fuel to perform and generate results, some of which are impossible for humans to replicate given the time constraints.

We all know that an AI, theoretically, is incapable of developing emotions or feelings unlike humans. But the technology is advancing at such a pace that we are now in a position to develop anything that resembles emotions, feelings or intuitions in an AI machine. Immense research including the framework modification of AI is currently going on in order to make AI develop senses of its own. I am sure that humans will be able to achieve breakthrough in this area in the near future. This achievement will lead us into developing spiritual sense via algorithms into these machines which shall not only provide an impetus to the humankind but also prove to be crucial for the social development.

Developing spiritual sense in the machines is still an unthinkable & challenging task but not impossible. And this task needs to be looked upon with enthusiasm as this may open the gateway to a whole new world wherein these machines can help humanity to take on the already devastated globe inflicted with greedy psychopaths. There is a requirement to dig deeper like never before towards imitating human mind and churning out algorithms helpful in instilling a sense of spiritual behavior into the machines. The machines should have to become conscious and seek transcendent values in order to rise from being an ordinary machine with just artificial intelligence to a one with spiritual intelligence.

This task is humongous and ambitious but there is no reason to believe that this can’t be done. It will only help us to bring peace to the world which is already in shambles and deteriorating with each passing day and it is upto us to bring the order back to this world and show to the almighty that his creations are intact!!!

Priyank Jha