Words left unspoken


We both realize we have an exceptionally uncommon relationship – Without regularly expecting to say as much — how enamored we are.

Be that as it may, now I need to state you are valuable to me. I want to be near you. You are more delightful than daylight, more valuable than gold. You are better than treats and more exquisite than the moon. You are perfect and brilliant, extraordinary and exceptional. Furthermore, what’s most astonishing of all, you need to be with me.

I recall the first occasion when I met you. It was a standout amongst other snapshots of my life. I couldn’t comprehend why you were so unique to me. In any case, the time we spent together was enchanting to the point that every minute without you feel like a discipline to me. I just realize how troublesome it was for me to limit myself from hurrying to you and to focus on my work. Some of the time when I couldn’t bear your nonappearance, I would ring you. What’s more, incidentally, I myself opened up without acknowledging it. We gradually built up a profound love, and inevitably we both knew it. It was so lovely an inclination

I am frantically enamored with you, my sweetheart.


Parth Shrikant

B.Tech II