Resonance 2020



2020, the year of self-discovery and surreal experiences ,the year started with our bustling life coming to a standstill situation. On the brighter side, nature began to rejuvenate itself and  humans felt serene for once in eternity. We bonded with our families and friends greatly despite the fact that we were all quarantined. Soon enough everyone accepted the reality and made this uncanny life our new normal. NIIT University was one of the first to adapt into this change, with welcoming the students of batch 2020 into the Niit family.On 17th august we had our first interaction, from the first day itself we had a sense of belonging , soon enough we were arranged into clusters , which were a small set of students belonging to similar courses and  seniors and  professor  mentors to guide us throughout. NU has always been about seamlessness and being compassionate towards not only each other but also towards the environment around us. Our day  commenced with yoga sessions that made our mornings refreshing. Experience teaches us things that books and the internet can never even think of , and learning from someone else’s life story is a window of opportunity that nobody should ever miss. Resonance gave us that opportunity to interact with such thoughtful individuals with our best minds. Mr.Vijay Thadani and Prof. Prabhu Agarwal majorly discussed about how beneficial research and analytics are in the professional aspects of our career further Mrs. Charu Kapoor enlightens us with the importance of self-introspection and building up qualities that help us rectify our problems further in life. Mr. Rajendra Pawar who introduced us with his concept  of imagineering [imagine and engineering] and explained how the biggest asset is our mind inculcating our futuristic approach. Mr. Pramath Raj Sinha, in a very interrogating manner, like asking several simple yet confusing math problems,  explained us different thinking and perspectives of individual mind. Retired Major General  AK Singh sir virtually introduced us to the entire campus, planting trees, made us familiar with the rules and regulations of the university. Retired Air Cmde Mr. Kamal Singh sir motivated us to become more observant and aesthete in our existence and also about learning to listen, This concept was further taken by Mr.xSom Mittal sir  who talked about being trustworthy, broadening the details and also how to improve ourselves Prof. Vijay Mandke sir helped us analyse our learning style, technical skills through 3 forms which were inclusive of our approach towards studying in addition to him Dr. Parimal Mandke  ma’am discussed the learning pattern of our succeeding years and also helped us to understand the concept of community connect , has and AOC .Life might’ve come to a halt but our university certainly did not , we e visited the campus and looked at all the magnificent flora and fauna present there proceeding with the inside tour of the campus like the spine and Arunachal. we also attended a virtual plant a tree session which depicted NU’s Approach towards sustainability and Eco friendly Measures. Some of them being Rain water Harvesting pit, Plastic free campus. A Plantation drive is also organised every year to keep NU clean and green. The sun brings immense peace to our body , mind and soul this was turned into a delightful reality through the online Suryodai sthal trek , we watched the sun beautifully rise up into the sky and trekked into the Aravalis, EAT exclusively present at nu is what makes nu extraordinary , being receptive towards the latest technology for the betterment of nature has always been one of the priorities at nu , the EAT uses fresh air which comes  from earth directly and through tunnel which further travels inside of the campus vents. The session  at Astachal, meaning the view of the setting sun, was a spiritual journey towards oneself and sun , we were taught to learn from our day , let the day come to rest and revitalise our body , soul and mind. We also indulged in  learn to listen session which further consisted of watching a ted talk to understand the meaning of listening to comprehend. We were further given a jest of extremely intriguing academic sessions such as cyber security , data sciences , maths magic , R , python , basic programming  , biotechnology  , Integrated MBA . In addition to these activities , we were also given a choice to choose clubs of our interest to improve our skills and learn from our teachers and seniors. Design My future we can assure you this activity  was as interesting as its name suggests , students were given opportunities to retrospect and write their own future . For the cherry on top we also had talent shows through which every student got a chance to showcase their talent like dancing , playing instruments , coding , sketching and many more. We also had a tough competition between students for Mr. & Miss freshers which was won by Aakash Gupta and Athena D’souza respectively . Overall it was a journey that made us bond with not only our batch-mates but also faculty and seniors , it was one of the most enriching experiences one could have at the comfort of their own personal space.

By Kriti Mathur

B. TECH CSE (2020-24)