We sleep and  we dream between which
Very few gather the beam of light
For clearing the ambiguous way and the fright
Hold on to dreams
For if dreams die

Life is like a torn kite
That cannot fly
Dreams take birth from the concoction of the brain
Contemplation takes birth from the fear of the brain
Heart is where dreams are relished
Heart is where dreams are cherished
Dreams anointed with love makes you firm
Benevolence in life makes chasing dreams fun
Hold these dreams
For if they go
Life will become a hopeless reel
With only black screen to show
Between dreams is where I was born
I will hold on to them
And wait for the rest
As the dreams are the steps for opulences of life
Between dreams there should only be smile
Wake up and get the light
Clear the fright
And catch the flight
Fullfill your dreams and stay kind
Always remember the best is yet to be find !

This poem is by :

Manasi Pathak

Btech CSE (Computer Science)

Batch : 2020-24 (First Year)