Talks Beyond Earth

On August 19,2020 :-

NASA confirms that the dent in the EARTHS PROTECTIVE SHIELD is being broken into TWO parts: [ this news was on BUISNESS INSIDER INDIA]

  • According to NASA the SAA point that is South Atlantic Anomaly the weakest point of earth’s magnetic field is becoming wider and wider.
  • This dent is because of the activities on earth but the consequences reach beyond the earth and more over this may lead to the lobal problems such as navigation problems and it conquerors the rotatory orbit of the satellites around the earth.


  • An INTERNATIONAL TEAM of RESEARCHERS found a observation from the Arecibo Observatory and the Fermi Space Telescope , what they call it is “gamma-ray heartbeat” which is coming from a cosmic cloud of gas.
  • The cloud is in the constellation Aquilla and “beats”I rhythm with a black hole 100 light years away in a microquasar system known as SS 433.[this journal was published in Nature Astronomy]

On August 25, 2020 :-

Global Team of Scientists discovers one of the earliest using INDIA’S AstroSat [ This was on the THE INDIAN EXPRESS ]

A global team of Scientists led by the IUCAA [ Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics ]  had discovered one of the earliest galaxies in extreme ultraviolet light.

AstroSat, India’s first multiwavelength satellite has five unique X-ray and ultraviolet telescopes working in tandem.

The discovery was made by an international team of astronauts led by Dr Kanak Saha. [ It was published on August 24 by Nature Astronomy ]

On August 27, 2020:-


The Japanese scientist had found radiation resistant bacteria that can survive about 3 years in an exposed orbit. This suggests that simple life forms could manage the long journey in between Earth and Mars unprotected.

The Japanese scientists behind the research said the finding lends credence so called “panspermia theory” which posts that microbes can travel the planets seeding the life of survival.[ this is taken from the website]



1) All these information’s were taken from the google news.

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