‘The Phone Call’ – A Teachers’ Day Presentation by Rangmanch

Rangmanch NU, the theatre society of NIIT University, produced its first-ever virtual play, ‘The Phone Call’,  for the occasion of Teachers’ Day. Rangmanch NU, which is known for its high standard plays, came up with the idea of virtual production in the view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘The Phone Call’ talks about the efforts and issues of teachers in the COVID times where they had to adapt to the new conventions of online teaching. Rangmanch started the initiative two weeks prior to the Teachers’ Day. Topics were chosen as per the feasibility of execution, given the limitations and high standards of Rangmanch.

For the members of Rangmanch, especially those who have never done such virtual presentations, it was a difficult task to execute. According to the members, they faced multiple issues such as time clashes, family issues, bandwidth issues, and many more.  Since it was a virtual production, actors had to take the help of their family members to shoot the footage. The participants of the play collaborated through virtual meetings.

Rangmanch NU overcame all obstacles and released the short play on Teachers’ Day.