The Heritage of Education in Ancient India

On 31st October 2020, TALF organized a webinar titled “The Heritage Of Education In Ancient India”. The invited guest was Mrs. Sahana Singh. She is an engineer-turned writer/editor who is known for her works on issues related to the environment, water management, and Indian history. Distinguished personalities, Mr. Rajendra Pawar, Mr. Vijay Thadani, Prof. Prabhu Aggarwal, Air Commodore Kamal Singh (Retd), Mrs. Syeda Imam, Mr. Harpal Singh, and Prof. Eswaran Narasimhan graced the session with their presence. Many students along with their family members also joined the session.

Mrs. Sahana took great pride in revealing how India was the educational capital of the world. People from around the world came to India with their ardent desires to learn and gain knowledge. She talked about the early sites of knowledge, how knowledge was imparted to the students, and how the education system in ancient India was way ahead of its time. She talked about various old Universities like Takshila, Nalanda, Vikramshila, Sharda Peeth, etc. She also shared evidence that showed ancient India had an education system that was very systematic with a proper set of rules and ethics to be strictly followed.

The talk was followed by a very interactive discussion where students as well as the leadership actively participated and shared their views. Mr. Rajendra Pawar, Mr. Harpal Singh, and Mrs. Syeda Imam appreciated Mrs. Sahana Singh for her fascinating session and raising interest.