The Power

Do you know how powerful our feelings are, and emotions when combined with the power of our brain? BOOM. They are always at the next level. Apparently, they have the power to conquer everything, thereby stimulating all your actions. 

To give it thought, this question always pops up in my mind when I had a rough day, or more so, a very bad one. Why did it happen the way it did? The answer to which is as usual – a statutory warning! I do agree that these warnings are sort of manipulative, according to the scale of roughness faced, but they do impact us. They affect our state more so by putting forward more questions. And then, that leads to a never-ending process of reflecting and questioning. Have we ever considered why do we keep consolidating on the crux of the issue and keep hovering on it just like anything? 

Maybe because we are in a hurry to answer all of them – the emotions, those feelings, the brain, by trying to connect whatever context we can pull through or manage to generate. But ultimately, I got to understand one thing, that things do make sense when connected, but that connection, damn, takes a lot of time, and that sucks too. But maybe waiting is not that bad. Maybe it’s something that always balanced the power those questions had. Maybe, it is trying to bring out a new you, that has grown in the process. And there can be many maybes. 

But to me, it has been laid out in this way.

It helps me trust more in myself by keeping the faith, it makes me believe in the power of possibility, and moreover helps me build the balance that the feelings, emotions, and the brain actually require.


by: Neeharika Gupta (B. Tech CSE, Batch 2017-21)