TALF: The Ancient Indian Kingdom Quiz

TALF (The Asian Lens Forum) organized an online quiz on the Ancient Indian Kingdom. The quiz was available for seven days, from January 13-19, 2021. One attempt was given to every student. It contained names of ancient Indian kingdoms and their maps. The participants were supposed to identify and match the correct name for every map. It was an interesting quiz, as the participants got to know about the geography of Indian empires. Many students took part, out of which, nine were successfully able to map every kingdom correctly.

Those nine students were: 

  • Somya Gupta (B. Tech Batch 2018-22)
  • Abhinav Gupta (B. Tech Batch 2018-22)
  • Trisha Sharma (B. Tech Batch 2018-22)
  • Pravallesh KVKS (B. Tech Batch 2019-23)
  • Rosy Chadha  (B. Tech Batch 2019-23)
  • Nayanjyoti Borkalita (B.Tech Batch 2019-23)
  • Aman Jain (iMBA Batch 2019-23)
  • Pritika (B. Tech Batch 2020-24)
  • Sigma Panda (B. Tech Batch 2020-24)
  • Chetna Lamba (B. Tech Batch 2020-24)