Inter-House Sports Competitions

Sports do not build character but reveal them. NIIT University witnessed one week of intense and exceptional display of sportsmanship that carried the baton for the future games leaving a legacy behind. Table Tennis, basketball, and football were part of this year’s category of games. Each sport had two teams competing in a match and the third team organizing said match. 

The event’s timeline and victors are as follows:

Event Teams Competing Held On Victor
Football Green vs Orange April 24,2021 Green
White vs Green April 24,2021 Green
White vs Orange April 25,2021 White
Table Tennis White vs Orange April 23,2021 Orange
White vs Green April 24,2021 Green
Orange vs Green April 25,2021 Orange
Basketball Green vs Orange April 20,2021 Green
Green vs White April 21, 2021 Green
White vs Orange April 22, 2021 Orange


The whole university is waiting for the final results. The old saying of participation is more important than winning will certainly find its way at the end but no player performed less than a champion and the fire to bleed their house colors and excel in the sport they love will never cease to exist.