The Night of Music, Dance, and Drama

The members of Verismo (music club), Impetus (dance Club), and Rangmanch (theatre society) came together to organize a wonderful evening filled with music, dance and drama called ‘The Night of Music, Dance, and Drama’. This dazzling night of the event was held on Sunday, April 18, 2021, at UG-1 Amphitheatre and was one of the best events of the month and a source of relief and entertainment for students during the COVID crisis.

 The event was organized with precautionary measures such as the use of masks, sanitization, and social distancing seating. Retired Major General A K Singh and Kamala Rawat ma’am were invited as guests in the event and their appearance made the event even more magical. Students showed their talents in some of the best songs, dances, monologues, and dramas. The event started at 6:30 pm and continued smoothly with every performance receiving a loud round of applause. Different inspiring and fun skits were performed along with energetic and enthusiastic dance performances leaving everyone amazed. Students from Verismo also gave such musical performances that felt like live concerts. Overall it was a magical night of talents.