G.A.M.E.R.S Tournament

“A game is the complete exploration of freedom within a restrictive environment.” Beautifully describing the gaming life, the quote by Vineet Raj Kapoor, NIIT University resonates the same feeling with the G.A.M.E.R.S Tournament. Having three games, CODM, Valorant, , and Rocket League from January 21, 2022, to January 23, 2022. Following is the fixtures for it:-


Team Thicc, Trailblazer, Outlaws, NiP, and MessBeast-2nd Year

Team Noobdas, MCD, and Blackbird-3rd Year

Team Fire Breathing Duck- Alumni

Team R3DD, DIECIDE, and Guns N’ Poses was a mixture of all batches.



Round Match Winner
Eliminators Thicc vs Noobdas Noobdas
MessBeast vs Fire Breathing Rubber Duck Fire Breathing Rubber Duck 
Outlaws vs Trailblazer Trailblazer 
Semi-Finals Blackbird vs Noobdas Noobdas
Fire Breathing Rubber Duck

Vs Trailblazer

Finale Trailblazer vs Noobdas  Trailblazer


Rocket League 

Round Match Winner
1 MCD vs Thicc Thicc
2 NiP vs MCD MCD
3 Thicc vs NiP Thicc


Call of Duty Mobile

Round Match Winner
Eliminator-1 R3DD Saints vs DEICIDE R3DD Saints
Eliminator-2 GALATORS vs Guns N’ Poses Guns N’ Poses
Finale R3DD Saints vs Guns N’ Poses R3DD Saints


As video games become more advanced, more and more students are considering the valuable skill set that video gaming brings to a business and how students’ productivity and profitability can benefit from these skills. While one’s parents may have said that video games would get you nowhere in life, as it turns out, video gaming teaches a wide range of skills from working with a team to understanding complex sets of instructions that are highly desirable to business owners. Whether you’re playing games to pass the time or to gain a competitive edge over your friends, you’re learning skills along the way that companies are increasingly recognizing as vital to their organizations. The G.A.M.E.R.S club signed off with a promise to not settle and bring forward more gaming talents through bigger tournaments.