University Captain and Vice Captain Election

On January 20, 2022, TheStudent Advisory Council aka SAC organized an election to elect the new captain and vice captain. This is an year on year tradition where new captain and  vice captain for the council are elected who then lead the council in looking out for the needs of students. This year we had 4 nominees in total with two for Captain position and two for vice captain position. 

Candidates for Captain Position :

Aman Jain (IMBA, Batch 2019)

Anil Hapuram Bishnoi (IMBA, Batch 2019)

Candidates for Vice Captain Position:

Aanya Mittal (B.Tech CSE, Batch 2019)

Ananya Tripathi (B.Tech CSE, Batch 2019)

Since the SAC consists of excellent academic performers and coordinators of clubs, leadership and consistency is assured in captain and vice captain too. Generally, if the Captain is a boy, then the Vice Captain must be a girl and vice versa. This is to encourage equal representation for all genders. The election was conducted through Google Forms in view of COVID situation. The election was online from 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM. The suspense among the candidates and the members of SAC was put to relief the same day with the announcement of results. Anil Hapuram Bishnoi and Ananya Tripathi had won the Captain and Vice Captain positions respectively.