Advisory: Spread of Covid and Revised Protocols

As COVID cases around the country seem to be on a rise, it is once again necessary to take precautions and stop the spread. For the same, it is strongly advised to adopt the following precautions with immediate effect:

  1. All are to wear masks in closed spaces, in classes, and while traveling in a vehicle, where two or more persons are present.
  2. All support staff always wear masks.
  3. Wash/sanitize hands properly at Main Gate, entry to each building, and entry/exit from each classroom/lab.
  4. Proper sanitization/disinfection of frequently used surfaces.
  5. Detailed disinfection of all washrooms.
  6. No handshakes.
  7. No close contact and congregation even in open spaces.
  8. Spaced seating in the dining hall and cafeteria.
  9. All with ILI symptoms are to always wear masks and report to the Health Center for checkups.