Camp Future 2022

Camp Future is an activity-oriented visit planned by NIIT University for all the future NUtons who plan to live and grow with NIIT University for 3.5 years of their life. Due to the pandemic, the last two years did not have a physical Camp Future done. This year, as the pandemic situation settled down, NU planned a Camp Future for the Batch of 2022-2026 NUtons. It was a two-day event held from July 9th to 10th.


On day 1, parents and future NUtons were picked up from their respective places as the caravan headed to the NU campus. En route, parents and students were shown a few short movies that showed the origins and building up of NU and how the campus turned green from the desert it once was. These short films talked about the lineage and value system of NIIT University. By 10:30 AM they reached the campus and were shown room for rest and refreshments. Everyone assembled in the Auditorium at 11:00 AM for the introductory session. Second-year and Third Year NUtons held the ice-breaking sessions as they got parents involved in recounting their college life. Future NUtons were asked their expectations of college life. As they warmed up, all the new NUtons were assigned student mentors from the second and third years. This was followed by sessions from Mr. Vijay Thadani, Founder, NIIT University, Prof. Rajesh Khanna, President, NIIT University, and Maj. Gen AK Singh (Retd), Dean(Student Affairs), NIIT University, where they talked about the legacy, core principles, aims, and objectives of NU. Parents and the new NUtons were briefed about the pedagogy at NU and emphasized on what’s different at NU compared to other Universities. R&D, PBL, and Co-Curricular were also emphasized as something very crucial for all NUtons. Placements are something that the parents and students seem to worry about, but that was dispelled away with a very informative presentation from the CIC team. The presentation talked about  Industry Practice and the three-way mentorship of a student during that period. Questions from parents and students were answered by Prof. Eswaran and Ms. Geetica regarding the companies and recruitment. 

As is the tradition at NU, Maj Gen AK Singh addressed all at Astachal. Astachal is a beautiful place in NU, and it holds a dear place among the hearts of NUtons and NUrturers alike. Day one ended with ‘Show Your Talent’. Teams came upon the stage and introduced themselves and presented a unique talent of theirs. The event included showcasing all talents, right from a very energetic poem to singing some lovely vintage songs and dance performances.

As Day 2 began, all NUtons and their parents went for a Tree-Plantation Drive which is a must at NU. NU has become green from a desert from these very efforts and these efforts shall continue as NU believes it is our responsibility and commitment towards this land of ours. The tree plantation drive was done at Panchavati, at the foothills of Kali Pahari. This was followed by a trek to Suryoday Sthal. Around 9.30 AM all teams of the future NUtons along with their parents were accompanied on a guided tour of NU by the present NUtons. They were introduced to EAT or the Earth Air Tunnels which are responsible for keeping the temperatures down with a green air conditioning method. They were shown the Library, the lecture theaters, and the Labs.

What intrigued the parents and students was NUgget which is a self-sustained system for all course-related activities that digitized learning. CIIE got them on cloud nine when they revealed the fact that NU is a place from where 52 start-ups emerged. Introduction to Industry Linked programs assured all parents that NU was a place of a bright and secure future. Followed up was a Q& A session related to Course Structure, impressions, and thoughts about NU. 

The Camp Future was concluded with the distribution of NU T-Shirts and Candid Photos of parents and their NUtons. They were treated with a filling lunch as they left for their places, to come again in the next 30 days to see off their wards for the next 4 years.