SVATANTRATA – Proud to be an Indian

By worshipping you I start my day,

The land which imbibes such glories

I pay my salute to the bay

Which has seen such wonder stories

O’ mother India you have had hard times

Seeing the invaders emptying the gold mines

And building their castles in the shrines


Many came to show their power

To enslave the people

Freedom is the need of the hour

Said even the tiniest beetle


At that time, they must have not known

That the spark to get freedom

will turn into flames of unity

which will set them out of throne


The freedom that we enjoy today

And feel free like a bee

Love completely to own the day 

We should know is not got easily


A lot of sacrifices stand by the past

Of great leaders and soldiers

Whose bravery stories make us feel aghast

And still, continue to inspire and mould us!


I pray to the god almighty

That I be able to be

At least one drop

Of the immense contribution sea!



Name – Ishita Waldia

Course – BTech, Batch of 2021-2025

Enrollment number- BT21GCS355