Miracles & Faith

Life’s miracles are created by faith and hope.

One fine morning In October 2019, when I was crossing the road on my way to work, a vehicle suddenly overtook a lorry that I had just managed to navigate and smashed into my right thigh femur bone.  The next thing I remember was being in a hospital (courtesy of some good Samaritan) and remaining there for about 40 days, partly unconscious on most of those days. My back was in excruciating pain, and I couldn’t grasp what was going on since everything seemed to be part of a bad dream.  I vaguely recall my brother-in-law bringing bottles of blood from the blood bank every day as the doctor’s report had stated that I had lost a lot of blood and was in critical condition. As I lay bedridden, I was unable to do anything from brushing my teeth to bathing or eating and it was at this time that the physicians and nurses at the hospital took excellent care of me, for which I am thankful to them! 

I was home after 40 days and was then admitted to a rehabilitation center. It was here I discovered that I had a medical condition called a fat embolism, which is a very rare condition caused by fat from the fractured bone spreading via arteries to the lung, causing breathing problems, and then to the right side of the brain causing skin and muscular stiffness. Further complications, such as mental retardation or death, could have occurred. I learned later that had the required procedures on my fractured bone been performed on time, these difficulties would not have occurred at all. During these adverse and stressful times, faith and prayers were what kept me alive and going. 

After a week in the rehab unit, I recovered full awareness. The physiotherapist would show me exercises on a regular basis as the limbs needed to get regular movements, and there was even a multi-purpose gym set in the rehab unit for completing daily training. Today, I am still recuperating, and my physicians told me that exercise and a positive outlook were extremely important in the entire healing process.        

I am a firm believer that faith and prayer can produce miracles in any scenario.

“Faith is the greatest healer and has the power to transform any circumstance. When you have faith, you have hope. And when you have hope, you know that everything is possible.”


by  Mr. Ashish Verghese Thomas

Executive Digital Marketer

Admissions Team