The NUtons celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Shashtri Jayanti with great enthusiasm and vigor on October 2, 2022. The event began with the remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. The Nurturers and NUtons gathered together in the auditorium to pay tribute to our great leaders.

Kavishaala, the poetic society of NU, took the initiative to organize their first-ever event titled, Mushaira which was filled with budding writers of Kavishaala expressing their art through shayaris and ghazals. The event flow was managed by Shailja Tripathi BTech Batch 2020-24 and Abhijeet Singh IMBA Batch 2020-24, who explained to the audience the essence of a Mushaira and coordinated the show. Poets from different batches, with different writing styles and genres, showcased their work effortlessly. Starting from Aditi Kapila IMBA Batch 2021-25 whose poetic expressions left the audience in awe of her, which was followed by Prarit Mehta BTech Batch 2020-24 with crystal clear words that touched everyone’s heart. To uplift the environment, Kritik Prabhakar BTech Batch 2020-24 and Anil Bishnoi IMBA Batch 2019-23 presented their creative works which was very much appreciated by the audience . The limelight of the event was indeed taken by Chesta Bhardwaj BTech Batch 2021-25 who with her mesmerizing words and unbelievable rhyme scheme overwhelmed the audience to applaud her with a standing ovation.

The show-stopper performance was by Abhijeet Singh whose words left the audience spellbound. The Mushaira ended with the closing words of Ananya Tripathi BTech Batch 2019-23 who passed on the torch of coordinators to Abhijeet Singh and Shailja Tripathi for the forthcoming year. The ceremony ended with the golden words of appreciation by our Student Affairs Dean A.K.Singh Sir and Kamal Singh Sir followed by certificate distribution to the winners of various contests.