Fashion Forward is Slow

HULT Prize NU took great pride in conducting, ‘Fashion Forward is Slow’, a talk by Mr.Chandan Pal Singh, Co-founder at PALISON, an enterprise that works towards creating ethical practices and developing sustainable materials used for the clothing industry.

The event took place on October 9, 2022, in the university Auditorium, with the guest speaker sharing his personal insights on how clothing is a basic need and what we wear also fills an important social need, helping us to express both our personal and cultural identity. He shared how the set of raw materials and small manufacturing changes actually help in order to bring sustainability to the industry.

The event concluded with the president, Prof. Rajesh Khanna appreciating the speaker and motivating the NUtons to participate in the upcoming OnCampus round of the HULT Prize and work on out-of-the-box ideas to create an impact on social entrepreneurship and the fashion industry in the right manner.