DAY- 1

The convocation tradition at NIIT University is truly unique, setting it apart from many other academic institutions. Unlike conventional convocations that primarily focus on degrees and awards, NIIT University’s convocation goes beyond academic recognition. It incorporates a “lane of memories,” featuring paintings that capture the essence of nostalgia through secret spots and code words.

The cultural night held on October 6th, 2023, at NIIT University was a delightful and heartwarming event that showcased the vibrant talent and nostalgia of the university community. It kicked off with an enchanting performance by the AOC dance group, who gracefully presented a traditional Rajasthani dance, featuring talented individuals from various batches. This set the stage for a memorable evening filled with cultural diversity and the rich traditions that make NIIT University unique.

The Poet Society, Kavishaala, added a touch of literary artistry to the night with Chesta Bharadwaj, a talented student from the 2021 Bachelor in Technology batch. The Verismo music club, represented by Sakshi from the 2023 Bachelor in Technology (btech) batch, brought melodies to life, enchanting the crowd with their musical talents and creating a harmonious ambiance that added to the overall charm of the evening.

Rangmanch NU, the theater society, delivered a captivating 15-minute performance that artfully explored the contrast between job interviews and club interviews, conveying thought-provoking messages. Their trio performance and a solo act were equally met with resounding applause, showcasing the profound impact of their storytelling.

Impetus, the dance club, evoked a strong sense of nostalgia with their performances, moving graduates who once belonged to the club to tears. Their heartfelt and emotive acts resonated deeply with the audience, connecting past and present in a powerful way. 

Kavishaala made another appearance with Aditi Kapila, a student from the iMBA batch of 2021, who shared her poetic talents from a unique perspective, adding yet another layer of artistic expression to the evening. Verismo, led by Rohit Satpute from the 2021 Bachelor in Technology (btech) batch, concluded the evening with another spellbinding musical performance, leaving everyone with a lasting impression.


On October 7th, 2023, NIIT University hosted its much-anticipated convocation ceremony, marking a pivotal moment in the academic journey of its graduating students of the batch of 2019. The event was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, and it was a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering a unique and meaningful educational experience.

Unlike conventional convocations, the focus at NIIT University extended beyond the mere conferment of degrees and academic awards. The institution’s commitment to preserving its rich cultural heritage and creating a deeply personal experience was evident throughout the ceremony. All students, donned in the provided red and yellow traditional attire, stood in unity, reflecting the university’s distinct Indian beliefs and cultural identity. The absence of traditional academic gowns and the customary cap-throwing were intentional choices, further emphasizing the institution’s distinctive character.

During the convocation ceremony, NIIT University celebrated not only the broader traditions and culture but also recognized outstanding academic and all-round achievements. The Best in Academics award was bestowed upon Aditi from the batch of 2019, recognizing her exceptional dedication and performance in her academic journey. Additionally, the prestigious All-Rounder award was presented to Anil Bishnoi, an exceptional student from the iMBA batch of 2019, highlighting his outstanding achievements across various facets of university life.

The convocation also provided a platform for students to reconnect with one of the university’s founders, Pawar Sir, through the alumni meet. This special interaction allowed the graduates to gain valuable insights and advice from a visionary and to maintain a lifelong connection with the institution through the Alma portal, connecting students, faculty, and alumni.