TEDx NIIT University: Theme Reveal

TEDxNIITUniversity ’24 kicked off its seventh edition on October 10, 2023, with a captivating pre-event held in the university’s auditorium with the presence of the leadership, Professor Parimal Mandke and Retd. Maj. General A.K. Singh Sir was the event’s chief guest. The evening showcased a diverse array of talents, featuring captivating performances in song, dance, poetry, and monologues that commanded the spotlight. The highlight of the evening was the ingenious theme reveal, which morphed into an interactive treasure hunt. Rather than a straightforward announcement, each performance subtly unveiled a letter of the theme. The event’s anchors heightened the excitement with engaging riddles, drawing the audience into a collaborative puzzle-solving experience. This unique approach underscored the power of collective thinking, embodying the essence of TEDxNIITUniversity’s events – the convergence of ideas.

As the performances unfolded, anticipation reached a crescendo, and the audience eagerly assembled the scattered letters, creating an electric atmosphere in the auditorium. The ex-core team, pivotal in previous events, took the stage, passing the baton to the current core team, symbolizing the enduring legacy of TEDx at NIIT University. This transition marked the seamless continuation of TEDx’s illustrious tradition at NIIT University. Finally, the theme was unveiled – “Saptaranga – Where Spectrums Unite.” This theme eloquently mirrored the evening’s diverse talents, emphasizing the importance of unity across various spectrums of life and thought.

The theme video further illuminated “Saptaranga” and its significance, setting the stage for TEDxNIITUniversity ’24 as an inspiring platform for a multitude of ideas and a celebration of unity.

To conclude the event, Parimal Ma’am and Ashok Sir shared words of encouragement, underscoring the value of diversity, unity, and active participation in the exchange of ideas. Their closing remarks left attendees with a profound sense of purpose and eager anticipation for TEDxNIITUniversity ’24.

Participants for the event were as follows:

  • Kamakshi Bali Btech CSE Batch 2023-27
  • Khushi Kathuria Btech CSE Batch 2023-27
  • Zaara Ahmed Btech CSE Batch 2023-27
  • Anjali Singh iMBA Batch 2023-27
  • Mannat Muthreja Btech CSE Batch 2023-27
  • Lovish Arora Btech CSE Batch 2023-27
  • Kavya Parnami Btech CSE Batch 2023-27