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2021 Keynote Talk by Prof. Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University – aNUkriti

2021 Keynote Talk by Prof. Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University

On January 7, 2021, the NU family was invited to a keynote talk by Prof. Jennifer Rexford at a COMSNETS conference. COMSNETS is an international elite conference dedicated to advances in Networking and Communications Systems. This conference is an annual event gathering practitioners, researchers, and various professionals of academia and industry. The conference acts as a stage for discussing cutting-edge research, new and innovative business ideas, and technologies.


Jennifer Rexford, the keynote speaker at COMSNETS 2021, is a professor at Princeton University who works in the field of computer science. Her work has mainly focused on internet routing, network measurement, and network management. At Princeton, Prof. Rexford talked about various things starting from the creation of the internet to network management and programmable networks. This online conference discussed the various requirements in the industry and the past, present, and future innovations, that can be brought up. She also reflected on her past experiences at AT&T to help provide better examples and an easier understanding of the discussed topics. The conference ended with a healthy questioning round where Prof. Rexford helped clear the doubts of her keen audience.