CS: GO Tournament

A ‘CS: GO tournament’ was held by the Gaming Club of NU for the university’s students from January 22-26, 2021. A total of five teams participated in the tournament where each team consisted of five members, leading to a total of twenty-five participants. After a healthy and competitive fight amongst the teams, the final match was held on January 26, 2021, between Team B3tas and Team PP Bisons. Team B3tas, led by Piyush Singhania, won the tournament, and Team PP Bisons, led by Srilikhith Sajja, ended up as the first runner. 

Team B3tas consists of:

  • The BlackBlazer – Piyush Singhania
  • Bruise xD – Virat Singh
  • tourist xD – Pravash Ranjan Nayak
  • DEDSEC – Prantik Kumar Paul
  • distance xD – Rishi Raj 

Team PP Bisons consists of:

  • Edgy Gnome – Srilikhith Sajja
  • Kanda_Poha – Jayant Khanvilkar
  • Calatop – Rohan Sanjeev
  • sIXB – Aditya Gaonkar
  • PoTato – Kishu Jain

The finals match was uploaded on youtube and can be viewed at https://youtu.be/mjx1lyD2E7g