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AGRAGA – NU Management Society – aNUkriti

AGRAGA – NU Management Society

Having become competitive and fast-paced, this world requires the youth to possess qualities such as leadership and management more than ever.  To nurture this very purpose, NIIT University announced ‘AGRAGA – The Epiphany of Leadership’, NU’s management society. This club is being handled by students themselves and is aimed at creating a learning environment to nurture leadership and management skills, which in return would help in boosting one’s self-confidence and personal growth. With a variety of activities ranging from actively speaking in public gatherings, organizing events and special sessions to leading experts from the industry. AGRAGA aims at helping the students of the university in improving their quality of life and contributing significantly to the world by improving overall leadership and management skills.

Core Team:

  • President – Aishi Bhattacharya (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)
  • Vice President – Bhargab Deka (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)
  • Secretary – Naik Aditya Naresh (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)

Team Leads:

  • Public Relations – Sarthak Jain and Sneh Kumar Mishra (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)
  • Social Media & Marketing – Gokul Dev Gupta and Roshan Sinha (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)
  • Treasurer – Nehul Choudhary (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)
  • Technical/Creative – K Aditya (iMBA, Batch 2018-22)