In Pursuit of Dispute | Republic Day ’21 Special by Rangmanch


Waking up to speakers playing patriotism with practically every possible song, January 26, 2021 was here to spark the spirit of love for the nation, and this time, not only for a day; the team of Rangmanch NU was holding a package of surprises to give a better and broader understanding of various aspects, and strike conversations about the four pillars of our constitution – Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Neither are they rusty nor stronger than ever, the act displays what life in these truly reflect. By being uploaded on YouTube through the channel ‘Rangmanch NU’, the skit was presented to the entire world.

The disclaimer shook the system of forced formality executed in expressing views. Molding the debate over a news channel is easier said than done, but Sreejita Mukherjee (iMBA Batch 2020-24), was the perfect match to hold the sarcasm while addressing serious issues and stood bold in portraying a typical anchor hosting daily news. Apart from hiding behind the bushes, the motion was straightforward to pinpoint that GDP, poverty and rape culture have no place in a debate to lead something fruitful. As Albert Einstein said, “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” and it was Iftikar Asif (B. Tech Batch 2020-24), playing the role of liberty, who beautifully made a statement that the initiatives such as the Triple Talaq Act, Article-14, 15 and 21, and reservations for women, are no favors to the women, but their right. Turning the pages back to Independence, the successors of our fighters are now making decisions that satisfy their personal hunger for power. Keeping up with the current trends, memes are a better source of information than fake news with a paid subscription. Also, the influence of sponsors in the media to alter the system of authenticity is clearly seen. 

A poetic touch was given by Ayaan Naik (B. Tech Batch 2019). Taking the responsibility of equality, he, holding up the ‘Lucknowi’ accent, highlighted how the constitution establishes equal grounds for every person. The blindfolded ‘Balance of Justice’ is biased at times thus creating differences. Defending justice, Jaitra Mondal Sriniket (B. Tech Batch 2020), explained how, in a country like India, justice isn’t easy to deliver, and the law, at times, is out of order. The complete silence maintained by Fraternity, Anirudh Sharma (B. Tech Batch 2020), spoke a thousand words. Brotherhood is cliche now and not allowed to speak in important matters. The transition from ‘Bechara’ to ‘Bhaichara’ was smoothly done by him and brought the matter together. 

The hilarious news tickers shown during certain points was like the icing on cake. The closing of curtains showcased the fact that none of the pillars can survive without the other ones. The nation has been a victim of ignorance for numerous issues, irrespective of the government ruling us. But the desire to see our nation rising to be a superpower has not faded, even after 71 years. Voices are not noises, and the desire to be heard; it is then when we find the true India that everyone wants to witness.