NU DSC Workshop: Introduction to Mobile Application Development

The Google Developers’ community of NIIT University, NU DSC, held a workshop on Android app development and its environment, to help students learn one of the most interesting and demanding skills of the industry. NU DSC is a student-run community that engages in creating a learning environment for those interested in Google’s Developer Tools. They often hold such workshops on various topics and have been a breeding ground for new skills for students. 

In this workshop, students were introduced to the basics of app development, like the required programming languages and platforms. The workshop was held on January 23, 2021, and the session was delivered by Somanshu Singh (B. Tech Batch 2018-22), Vishnu Sharma (B. Tech Batch 2018-22), and Vivek Kamma (B. Tech Batch 2017-21), who motivated the attendees to initiate their first mobile application project. The session was followed by a ‘Questions and Answers’ round where the students were allowed to ask any doubts they might be having, regarding the workshop.