TEDxNIITUniversity Event

On June 26, 2021, TEDxNU conducted an event called ‘Swadhyaya: An interview with Oneself’ where various accomplished artists were invited. This event was hosted and organized by the TEDx team. It was a day full of interactions and ambient performances. This event was about getting inspiration from successful artists and learning from their stories. The team maximized the sole experience by inviting very talented individuals such as Emmy winning director, Mr. Richie Mehta, the eminent artist, Ms. Vanndana Vaadera, and the beloved musical sensation, Mr. EPR Iyer, being a few amongst our much-celebrated panelists. All the guests gave inspirational speeches and shared their journey to success with the students. Due to the pandemic, the team used the contemporary method to deliver this event, by going virtual. The overall event was very graceful and chivalrous because of the talented guests and the TEDx team of NIIT University.