The Second Most Evil Man

“All I ask is that you kill him” John requested.

“Why me?” I asked.

“You would be doing a yeoman service. After all he is the second most evil man who ever lived”

“Hmm. Who is the first?”, I asked.

“So, you agree to kill him?” John asked.

“Yes”, I replied.

That evening, I met John at the park. He pointed to the victim. The gun was pressed into my hands. 

“Are you ready ?” John asked.

I agreed and we walked to the lakefront where the victim was sitting reading a book. 

“Go ahead”, said John

I lifted the gun and shot the man right between the eyes. 

“Good!” said John

Then John pulled out his gun and shot me. 

Before I collapsed, I could hear him say, “You wanted to know who is first?”

“It is you”

Then the police arrived.


by Prof. Eswaran Narsimham, Dean IP.