NIIT University held its annual international conference, Entente from 3rd November to 5th November in the field of technology, management and humanities. Digitization and advancements in information technology has significantly proliferated GLOCAL information mobilization. Due to the massive mobility across humanity, the era of multi-dimensionality has come into existence; The word globalization is not just limited to economic or financial systems. In fact, the intervention of globalization in day-to-day life and this quantitative and qualitative shift from trade or professional opportunities to normal human existence has strong links with UNO’s Sustainable Development Goals. This shift urges researchers, academicians, industry personnel and students to exchange thoughts and ideas in such an interdisciplinary environment.

NIIT University runs on four Core Principles- Industry-linked, Technology-based, Research-driven, and Seamless. Research-driven and Seamless lead to interdisciplinary teaching-learning or research spanning across all the areas and domains, with considerable societal applications. Every area or domain is following new pedagogic approaches like Research-Based approach to Teaching or Project-Based Learning. Such a multi-dimensional environment steers to occupational, spatial and temporal mobility, i.e., Seamless Life. The team was elated to share that they received over fifty research papers overall. The conference took place in five sessions with two tracks taking place alongside in every session. Each track took place in the presence of a session chair and co-session chair respectively. The conference ran smoothly under the guidance of our Nurturers, Dr. Anshima Prakash Srivastava, the convener; Dr. Ratika Kaushik, secretary; Dr. Yogendra Pal, secretary; Dr. Keerti Jain, secretary. Organizing this conference was one of the ventures to facilitate deliberation on changing paradigms in the field of Language & Literature, Social Sciences, and Management. The wide spectrum of sub-themes will facilitate integrating the complex array of ethical, psychological, social, economic, cultural, linguistic, literary, political, and administrative concerns in research and pedagogy. This conference attempted to provide an international platform for the academicians,

researchers, industry personnel and students to share their research studies and innovative ideas in their respective domains. This conference succeeded in promoting research studies in the areas of Humanities, Commerce, Economics and Management by bridging the gap and promoting intellectual exchange between researchers, students, and the industrial Workforce.