The inception of Transformation 2.0

HULT Prize NU was back with its next endeavor on October 27, 2022, in online mode with 

A talk by Professor Dhruv Nath, the director of Lead Angles. He is a man possessing a broad spectrum of experience with his insights holding precious worth in the business world.

He explained how it is common knowledge that the danger of turbulence that the business world carries for the upcoming times is heightened when you carry the logic of yesterday. Thus the fast-coming times demand ideas beyond perfection. He aims to guide students to chase the mindset of modern development.The examples he presented, gave a flow on how an idea slowly transitions into a business with the workforce and available resources. The interactive session was followed by a questionnaire round in which sweets were distributed amongst the audience for their active participation. 

The tips and tricks were of great help to the participating teams and also motivated others to join the OnCampus round of HULT Prize NU.