Dr. BB Dhar Sustainability: Bringing Practicality into Existence

Prof. (Dr) BB Dhar started by talking about the importance of mining. The primary purpose of mining is to provide countries with the mineral commodities they need to sustain and raise their standards of living. Mining is also economically significant for producing nations and regions. It generates income in the form of wages, dividends, and taxes, which are used to fund public amenities like hospitals and schools. The mining sector creates a skilled labor force and microbusinesses that can provide for local populations and possibly launch associated ventures. The gross domestic product is significantly influenced by mining, which also produces foreign currency. This industry helps a lot of other businesses, like those that make mining equipment, provide engineering and environmental services, and help top institutions in geology, mining engineering, and metallurgy grow. Many producing nations benefit greatly from the riches and economic opportunities that mining produces. It places a heavy emphasis on protecting the natural resources that supply the physical inputs for economic production, including both replenishable and exhaustible resources. Focusing on how economic systems affect people, social sustainability includes initiatives to end hunger and poverty as well as fight inequality. The goal of environmental engineering is to maintain and improve the ecosystems of nature in order to improve human well-being. There are various environmental issues facing the globe today, from local issues like groundwater depletion to global issues like climate change. Only when everyone is concerned about the environment will the issues will be resolved.