Fest Daata

NU Cinèsta, the renowned film club of our university, announced the grand red carpet event and premiere of the highly-anticipated film “Fest Daata.” This magnificent occasion was set for Friday, October 13, 2023—also observed as National Cinema Day. 

The film “Fest Daata” ensembled the cast, featuring some of our university’s talented actors. Notable cast members included Nalin Kaul, a second-year student who plays a pivotal role in the film. Ashish Shakya takes on the challenging role of the antagonist, delivering a compelling performance. Other key players in the film include, Smakshi batch of 2025, Aadhira batch of 2026, Alistar batch of 2025, and many more, who brought their characters to life with their remarkable acting skills.

The red carpet event was a sight to behold, as the cast members walked the red carpet in style, dressed impeccably in their finest attire. The event’s atmosphere was further enhanced by the efforts of the university’s Social Media Club, which, in collaboration with NU Instills, created a paparazzi-like scene. The cast members were greeted with flashing cameras and enthusiastic cheers as they made their way into the auditorium.  Before the movie’s screening, the cast was interviewed, in which they shared their experiences and insights into the making of “Fest Daata.” A Bollywood-themed questioning round actively engaged the audience, which included both students and faculty. This interactive session provided an opportunity for everyone to connect with the cast and the world of Indian cinema.

Distinguished faculty members from the university, including Professor Vijay Mandke and Retd Major General AK Sir, were present and fully supported the event. The auditorium was packed to capacity, and the audience exuded exhilarating energy throughout the film. Spectators erupted into cheers and applause, which showed their immense enthusiasm for the film. This enthusiastic response underscored the relatability of the characters and the storyline, which deeply resonated with the audience.

After the show, the cast was invited to DH2 for a special dinner. This provided an opportunity for the cast and crew to unwind and celebrate their hard work.