Mushaira’23: Tabassum-e-dost

Kavishaala, the poetic society of NU, organized the second edition of Mushaira under the title “Tabassum-e-dost” on 14th October’23, which was filled with budding writers of Kavishaala expressing their art through shayaris, nazms, ghazals and geets. The theme “Tabassum-e-dost,” was a testament to the power of poetry to transcend boundaries and connect people from diverse backgrounds. It reinforced the idea that friendships are the cornerstone of our lives, lighting our paths in ways similar to the poets’ words that illuminated the hearts of all in attendance on that enchanting October evening. 

The evening kicked off at 6:30 PM with a gracious welcome by the host, Abhijeet Singh iMBA Batch 2020-2024 who set the tone for the night, emphasizing the significance of celebrating friendship through the art of poetry. Poets from different batches, with different writing styles and genres, showcased their work beautifully. As the first poet, Arnav Jain iMBA Batch 2022-2026 stepped onto the stage, a hush fell over the audience. His words wove a magical tapestry of verses, capturing the essence of companionship, which was followed by Aditi Kapila iMBA Batch 2021-25 with crystal clear words that touched everyone’s heart. To uplift the environment, Arun Singh BTech Batch 2020-24 and Chesta Bhardwaj BTech Batch 2021-25 presented their creative works echoing with centuries of poetic tradition. The limelight of the event was indeed taken by Kritik Prabhakar BTech Batch 2020-24 who with his mesmerizing words and unbelievable rhyme scheme overwhelmed the audience to applaud him with a standing ovation. The show-stopper performance was by Abhijeet Singh whose words were a blend of laughter and tears which left the audience spellbound. The Mushaira ended with the golden words of appreciation by our Student Affairs Dean A.K. Singh Sir.