‘Sahayata Relief Fund’ – An Initiative by Students

Kumar Abhi, a student of NIIT University in his 1st Year of  IMBA is also part of a noble organization called ‘Sahayata Relief Fund’. This organization is run by college and university students. ‘Our organization stepped out and made a real difference on the ground by distributing foods among underprivileged people & transgender, organizing blood donation camps and so far we have donated more than 500 units of blood’ says Kumar Abhi. Apart from this, they had acquired 4 oxygen cylinders, and 15 oxygen regulators and donated 10 regulators to other organizations during the Covid pandemic. They helped people get admission to hospitals and even helped many in their funeral services by donating money. ‘We did this work all over India and all these things we have done with our pocket money and some donations.’ says Abhi. Covid Pandemic is a nightmare that shall haunt many of us for years to come but in the tough times, strongly standing were the organizations like Sahayata which consisted of students who helped with their pocket money. This is a testimony to the fact that change can be brought by anyone.