NU Camp Future

NIIT University has been ahead of the curve to ensure complete exposure to opportunities present at this prestigious institute. The second ‘NU Camp Future’ was held on August 6, 2022, and August 7, 2022, respectively in the university auditorium. 

The event was held to give an outlook of what the university has to offer and what all things are exclusive to NU. The event started with our President, Prof. Ralesh Khanna giving a warm welcome to all those who attended the inauguration of the event and wishing for a successful two-day journey ahead. Then we had Mr. Vijay Thadani, Co-Founder, of NIIT University, shed some light on the Vision and Mission of the university. He told the parents to spend some quality time with their future NUton kids at home before they leave home to join NU. The speech brought a sudden realization to all parents that their kids are now stepping into a new cycle of study-internships-professional courses-working professionals and will hardly be home as their babies. 

It was later followed by Ms. Geetica Rastogi explaining how NU is a center of industry and growing at an exponential pace. After the tea break, Maj Gen A K Singh addressed the crowd about the campus life that one lives and cherishes, being in the midst of nature. Later moving out of the auditorium to the fresh surroundings, Mr. Dhirendra Rathore & Nutons showed the sportive talent and facilities at the universities covering games such as basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, pool, etc. The sportive baton was then given to Air Cmde Kamal Singh who was at his peak energy to share the green campus story and give his personal experience. At last, the day ended with Dr. Anshima P Srivastava and her team of NUtons making the crowd experience the importance of cultural events at NU. Many future NUtons came forward to show their talent and interacted with the audience as well. 

The second day kickstarted with ‘Tree Plantation’ and ‘Morning Trek’ led by  Maj Gen A K Singh and the team. This day covered aspects such as Campus Tour-including Hostels, Labs, Library & Campus Facilities, academic excellence, and industry programs. All Area Heads gave short presentations about their areas and the academics related to their areas. Dr. Shivendra Mathur spoke about Industry Linked Programmes and Dr. Vikas Upadhyay informed about CIIE and how it supports the entrepreneurial dreams of students. 

The event was then concluded with a Q&A session of parents /future NUtons with the NU leadership team.