India and Bharat : Two different strokes

A river of mighty proportions flows in the east,

The Indus provided the proper phonetics.

Formation of a new constitution provided a new definition,

As old ideas accepted westernization.

Representing a democratic nation post independence,

Emerging as a world power in terms of science and tech.

The country : India.

A majestic golden bird chirped in the east,

Since the ancient times growled this mighty beast.

From Vedas and Puranas this place emerges,

Despite plurality in caste, religion, culture, with energy it surges.

Providing a platform for traditional expression,

Uniting and living as a harmonious, diverse nation.

The essence : Bharat.

This is a country full of contradictions, chaos, opulence

Yet vibrancy and optimism surprise one and all;

‘Bharat’ and ‘India’ are nothing more

Than two names of a single soul.

Prerana Bhasein

(B.Tech  2018-22)