There’s a window by my side;

 In my room, with the simple walls this time. 

 I have it in my room, 

That treasures me to the beautiful outside.

The mountains have some impact on me.

Just unleashes the poet in me.

I desire to meet the world there.

It just buries in me the scenario 

It throws…hills and hills and trees. 

Which are all shielded by a huge massive boundary,

The mountain with towers and huts 

I can see.

 The stones so large.

I can notice the hard from far.

How world is too short for not to 

Have the joy of this.

I am writing this all 

on a big day today for me.

Where I take the inspiration of these stagnant mountains that have 

Grew in me the power and the capacity to face everything.

And still stand large and unstoppable. 

They stand and see me doing.

I laugh at the metaphors I use.

But that’s how the mountains I choose,

For my luck and dedication,  

For the reason when I see them I want to travel more.

I want to do large like the same.

I am big.

I am scared.

But I can do it like the scenario splendid I see.

I admire the milestones ahead, 

I love the ground large in rest,

the peace it delivers to me is out of expression today,

today being an epic on stage I need

these milestones to hold me.

-Shreya Nigam

(B.Tech 2016-20)